2019 Australian Open

The Australian Open is without doubt one of the greatest grand slams in the world. Opening the year in the height of the Australian summer there is no better way to kick off your client entertainment than at one of Australia’s most popular international events.

With Roger Federer wowing Australian Tennis fans once, corporate ticketing was more sought after than ever. With the standard of tennis only getting stronger and the depth of both male and female tennis within Australia once again reaching new heights, the 2019 Australian Open is a must.

Sport Creative has a number of ticketing and corporate suite options to choose from and we strongly recommend that you include the Australian Open in your entertaining mix.

Note: Sport Creative can also access ticketing at international Grand Slams including the US Open and Wimbledon. Contact us for more information.

Sessions & Pricing

Day Session Time Round Cat 1 Corp B- E  Cat 1 Corp F-K   Cat 2 Corp East G-K   Category 2: Starting from
Monday AM 11:00am 1  $125.00
Monday PM 7:00pm 1  $188.00
Tuesday AM 11:00am 1  $125.00
Tuesday PM 7:00pm 1  $188.00
Wednesday AM 11:00am 2  $150.00
Wednesday PM 7:00pm 2  $219.00
Thursday AM 11:00am 2  $150.00
Thursday PM 7:00pm 2  $219.00
Friday AM 11:00am 3  $188.00
Friday PM 7:00pm 3  $313.00
Saturday AM 11:00am 3  $250.00
Saturday PM 7:00pm 3  $313.00
Sunday AM 11:00am 4  $250.00
Sunday PM 7:00pm 4  $313.00
Monday AM 11:00am 4  $188.00
Monday PM 7:00pm 4  $313.00
Tuesday AM 11:00am 1/4 Final  $282.00
Tuesday PM 7:00pm 1/4 Final  $438.00
Wednesday AM 11:00am 1/4 Final  $282.00
Wednesday PM 7:00pm 1/4 Final  $438.00
Thursday AM 11:00am Semi Final  $250.00
Thursday PM 7:00pm Semi Final  $750.00
Friday PM 3:00pm Semi Final  $813.00
Saturday PM 3:00pm Women’s Final  $500.00
Sunday PM 3:00pm Men’s Final  $1,750.00


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Sport Creative is here to help you deliver your next sports and entertainment experience and there’s none better than watching tennis’ best at the first Grand Slam event of 2018.

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